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FAQs - Card Safe
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FAQs - Card Safe

1 - Which Card Safe will hold my cards?
Please download our memory card reference list. This will give you a good overview.

2 - What about the Compact Flash (CF) type I and II cards?
All Card Safe products with an CF card option, except the Slim, hold both type I and II CF cards. CF type II is thicker then type I, therefore you need the space of the upper compartment which then cannot be used anymore for a third or fourth CF card.
3 - What is the definition of whatertight on the Card Safe Extreme?
The top model of the Card Safe line offers the best protection in every condition. It is watertight based on the IPX Waterproof Specification (EN 60 529).

The waterproof level of the Card Safe Extreme is IPX-7. The test level definition of IPX-7 is: "Protected against water immersion - Immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter".