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Gepe 8 mm Film Reels

The universal film reels are produced by GEPE with the same quality level as for slide mounts and trays. Stored in the practical archive boxes they represent an attractive film library.

The film reel range

Details of Gepe film reel

The Gepe film reel advantage

All film reels have an automatic film catching device and come in an practical archive box which protects your films from dust and UV light.

Our universal film reels fullfill the following standards - Super-8, Single-8 and Normal-8. 
Awailable Types
The film reels are available for the following film lengths:

-   60 meters - 200 ft
-   90 meters - 300 ft
- 120 meters - 400 ft
- 180 meters - 600 ft
- 240 meters - 800 ft

Art. Name
60 m - 200 ft Reel and Chest, 1pcs/box
120 m - 400 ft Reel and Chest, 1pcs/box
180 m - 600 ft Reel and Chest, 1pcs/box
90 m - 300 ft Reel and Chest, 1pcs/box