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Slide Storage

To ensure protected storage and filing of your photographic media the Gepe storage and filing products are made to meet highest requirements. Choose amongst,    

- Slide storage chests with trays
- Archive-box for 5x5 slides
- Transfer tray for 7x7 slides 
- Rotary transfer tray

Storage chests for 5x5 slides and 7x7 transfer tray

Archiv-box for 5x5 slides

Storage chest for rotary trays

Rotary transfer tray

The slide storage chests for 5x5

The Gepe storage chests are very robust and offer an excelent protection against dust and UV light. For easy storage the chests are stackable.

The slide trays are stored on a drawer which allows easy access to the trays.

Gepe offers the following storage chests with slide trays:

- Universal Tray's (40 & 50)
- Paximat Tray's (40)
- CS Tray's (40 & 100).
The Archiv-Box and storage tray

For archiving of 5x5 slides we have a clasical archiv-box for 50 mounts (3mm). The box is made up of 5 compartments.

For 7x7 slide mounts we have a convenient Transfer Tray for 30 mounts. 
The slide storage chests for rotary trays

Our Rotary Transfer Tray easily interexcanges slide mounts with the Kodak 80 pictures carousel.

The Rotary Storage Chest features a convenient drawer and holds our Rotary Transfer Tray or a Kodak 80 pictures carousel.

The Rotary Transfer Tray with lid and the Rotary Storage Chest are available as separate products as well as a complete set.

Art. Name
Archiv-Box 5 x 5 for 50 mounts
Transfer Storage Tray 7 x 7 for 30 mounts
Storage Chest with 2 x 50 Universal Trays
Storage Chest with 2 x 50 Universal Trays incl. Cover
Storage Chest with 4 x 40 CS Trays
Storage Chest with 2 x 100 CS Trays