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Mounting Presses and Accessories

Slide mounting is made easy with proven Gepe mounting equipment. Mounting of slides and closure of mounts is made much easier with the help of:

- The mounting tweezers
- The hand mounting presses
- The hand mounting unit

    Gepe Slide Tweezer

Gepe Hand Mounting Presses

Gepe Hand Mounting Unit


Fitting into the perforation the Gepe Tweezer was developed specially for the easy mounting of 35 mm films.

With this practical accessory the film is inserted into the metal mask clips easily and quickly.

Finger prints or even mechanical damages of the slides are avoided.
Hand mounting presses

Hand mounting presses available for mounts with the outer size of:

-  5 x 5 cm (35 mm film) 
-  7 x 7 cm (medium format)
-  8.5 x 8.5 cm (medium format) *

* To mount 8.5 x 8.5 cm slide mounts an adapter (Art. 8005) is used in in our hand mounting press for 7 x 7 slides.

Hand mounting unit

Fast and dust free slide mounting is possible in an easy way and up to 400 slides per hour can be processed with this machine. 

A light bar in front of the cutter and below the mounting station allows a slide preview and selection of the pictures as well as fast positioning of the slides in the mount. 

The adjustable transport steps of the cutter ensures a constant and safe cutting. 

Art. Name
Hand Mounting Press 5 x 5, with light excl. battery
Mini Mounting Press 5 x 5
Adapter 85 x 85 for 6 x 7 mounts with 8002
Mounting Tweezer, 1pcs