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CS System Slide Mounts

Gepe also offers the CS mount system. We have two types of the CS mounts in our range. The wellknown hinged type as well as the slide-in type for extra fast and convinient mounting. The CS mounts are avalable for:

- The standard format 24 x 36 mm for 35 mm film  

                   Gepe CS hinged type                         Gepe CS slide-in type

Gepe CS mount advantage

The CS mounts fit in all existing CS slide trays on the market.

The slide-in type is mounted very fast with the Gepe CS mounting system.

Thicknesses available

1,8 mm (CS)
specially designed for CS slide trays. 
Quality of selected materials

Only High grade plastic with a temperature resistance of up to 100 C (212 F) is used.

Art. Name
24 x 36 CS, 1.8mm, 100pcs/box
24 x 36 CS Hinged mount, 1.8mm, 200pcs/box