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24 x 36 mm Glassless Slide Mounts

If you do not need the special advantages and protection that glass mounts give, Gepe also offers a complete line of glassless mounts. The mounts are available as plain plastic mounts with "fix-points" or as glassless mounts with the same metal-masks also featured in the Gepe glass mounts. The standard product range covers: 

- The standard format 24 x 36 mm for 35 mm films

               Glassles mount with fix-points                  Glassless mount with metal-mask

Gepe glassless mount advantage

The fix-points allow for easy insertion and positioning of the slide and prevents slipping of the film when closing the mount.  

In glassless mounts with metal-mask:

The metal-mask clip fixing allows a fast and convenient mounting with a following positioning of the film.

During the projection the unique metal-mask reduces the curving of the film caused by heat influence and at the same time provides absolutely sharp projection edges.

Thicknesses available

3 mm (Type A) fits all Standard and DIN slide trays & 80 round trays.

2 mm (Type LKM) fits all Standard and DIN slide trays & 80/10/120 round trays & LKM and Paximat trays.
Quality of selected materials

Only High grade plastic with a temperature resistance of up to 100 C (212 F) is used.

Solid construction with two inter-locking halves ensures perfect stability of the mount.

Art. Name
24 x 36 for LKM Tray, 2mm, 100pcs/box
24 x 36, 3mm, 100pcs/box
24 x 36 with Metal-Mask in both halves for LKM Tray, 2mm, 100pcs/box
24 x 36 Professional Scan Mount with Metal Mask, 2mm, 100pcs/box
24 x 36 with Metal-Mask in both halves, 3mm, 100pcs/box