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PRO Glass Slide Mounts

Sound and multivision slide shows create special demands for the slide mount. For this reason Gepe has developed a special professional slide mount which meets the needs of the AV users. Though these mounts at first glance are very similar to the normal Gepe slide mounts there are some basic differences defined by their purpose in use.

The Gepe PRO Pin Registered mounts are intended for film material exposed by register cameras or precision copying machines. They keep the film exactly in the given position and meet the international norms of SMPTE or AMI.

For those users that do not use film «in register» there is an alternative PRO mount which features the conventional Gepe metal-mask clips combined with eight pins. In this mount the eight pins are responsible for the exact positioning of the film.

An other interesting alternative is the Gepe PRO VR mount which has two round locating pins to match two VR holes which are punched in the edge of the film. This ensures that the film can be positioned exactly within the mount and gives the user the possibility of achieving registration from non registered slide film. The two VR holes are punched with the Gepe VR punch which is compatible with the Wess VR standard.

Gepe PRO VR mount and Gepe VR punch


   Gepe PRO mount with metall-mask clips

     Gepe PRO Pin Registered mounts

GEPE glass mount advantage

The Slide is protected against pollution, dust, fingerprints and scratches.

The air exchange system enables the slide to «breathe» which helps to eliminate bacterium and Newton rings.

The Anti-Newton (AN) glass prevents Newton rings.

The slide is safely held in place by the clips of the metal-mask (only clips type).

During the projection

The slide stays absolutely flat to ensure a focused projection of the whole image.

The design of the metal-mask ensures absolutely sharp edges around the image.

Special PRO mount features

The film is centred in the mount to allow front or back projection without remounting.

A finger notch ensures that the mount can be properly positioned, even in the dark.

A slot in the side of the mount allows fast and easy opening of the mount.

Masks or sandwich slides can be used in the mount.

Thicknesses available

2,5 mm fits all Standard and DIN slide trays & 80 round trays.

3 mm fits all Standard and DIN slide trays & 80 round trays.

Quality of selected materials

Only High grade plastic with a temperature resistance of up to 100 °C (212 °F) is used.

A longer projection without the risk of damage to the mount is possible.

The solid construction with two inter-locking halves ensures perfect stability of the mount.

Art. Name
PRO 23,4 x 34,8 Pinless Mount Anti-Newton 35 mm, 2.5mm, 50pcs/box
PRO 23,4 x 34,8 VR Anti-Newton 35 mm, 2.5mm, 50pcs/box